How musicians make money despite the internet and free download of songs


Are you amazed on how musicians earn from music in this era of internet and free dowdownload music online?

how musicians earn from music

Music is now a trending business in the country, some are living large due to music and its influence .

Music Business in Nigeria

The music business in Nigeria keeps growing with a lots of people going into music, and at the end of the day some of them are making a living out of music.

The likes of 2Baba, Davido,Wizkid,  Kizz Daniel to mention but a few, are beneficiaries of music business in Nigeria. All thanks to lovers of music.

This don’t just come for these guys as they put in their to see that their passion and interest pays and bring food to the table.

How good is Music  business  in Nigeria?

This is a question that is mostly asked by upcoming aristes.

Music mostly reward those that are dilligent and hardworking. A lot of upcoming artistes end up being frustrated simply because they pay more attention to the monetary aspects, forgetting that the money comes only when you put good effort.

The formulation for success in the Nigerian music industry is simply dishing out good music, and then connecting with the right people in this field.

how musicians earn from music in Nigeria and beyond:

Music  artistes sources of earning mostly comes from these methods;


Endorsement deals


Music streaming (iTunes, Sportify, Apple music)

Proceeds from social media ads

Music streaming (iTunes, Sportify, Apple muisc)


YouTube is an online video uploading portal where videos are uploaded for viewing.YouTube, has over the years pay millions of musicians around the world for just uploading their musical videos.

The method of earning on you tube, is directly from the number of views your music video has. Let’s take for instance, Davido’s, “Blow my mind” video is currently trending on you tube with over 20 million views. 1 million views is equal to $8,000, excluding audio streams. If you carefully do the math you will know amount he is earning from that video alone.

 Endorsement Deals

Endorsement is another source of earning for Nigerian Musicians. But this mostly favours big artistes, however, upcoming artiste like Rema is already reaping from endorsement deals, he recently signed his forstfirst deal with Hp. Congrats to him anyway.

A deeper look on this:

The likes of Wizkid, Davido, Tiwa savage, Phyno, to mention but a few, are worth mentioning when we talk of those that benefits form endorsements.

For instance, Wizkid Pepsi deal is worth $350,000, while is nike deal is rumored to be worth $3.75 million.

Davido onthe other hand, is currently an ambassador. The deal as earlier reported is worth over N350 million in Nigerian currency.

While we only focus on Davido and Wizkid, they are notable musicians like, Olamide, Tiwa savage, Phyno, who are also earning from endorsement.

Shows/ Concerts 

The show/concerts is another avenue of earning for musicians. Artiste like Mr.Eazi charges 3-6 million per show, Phyno 4-6 million for a show, Davido and Wizkid charge 6-10 million. When you are good at your craft; people will pay just to watch your craft.

 Music Streming:

They get paid from the number of streams there music generate on online music streaming platforms such as iTunes, Apple music, Sportify and lotslots more.

Rewards from social media posts

Social media actually pays some music artistes such as Davido just to make a post about a particular thing, it could be an event coming up or to promote something on his handle.


Aside from music, most of them are into other businesses such as politics, oil business, estate business, to mention but a few.

They invest into these businesses ahead in order to save them when the music business no longer pays them.

In Conclusion.

This artistes don’t just hit big over night, a lot of passion was invested. They carefully studied the industry and how things work over there. In order to succeed you must learn how this method works…

Like we earlier said, music buineonly pay you when you make use of the right techniques.

For the upcoming artistes.

Because the music industry is saturated doesn’t mean you can’t succeed there.

Be focuse, choose to be you no matter what.

Be unique and different,

Have a mentor, a role model,

And lastly, have a strong believe of making it.



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